Nawras’ new Maktabi Mobile bundles give SoHos and SMEs even more benefits

Nawras Business customers can now enjoy the new and improved all-inclusive Maktabi Mobile business packages. Small and Medium Enterprise (SME) and Small Office/Home Office (SoHo) businesses can now benefit from super-fast 4G packages, increased data allowances and prepaid options to efficiently manage their business communications.

Said Al-Shanfari, Director - Business Marketing, Nawras.
Said Al-Shanfari, Director – Business Marketing, Nawras.

Said Al-Shanfari, Director – Business Marketing, said “We have revamped our highly popular mobile business bundle for 2014, offering customers everything they need to get talking and get online within minutes. The package is activated in store and provides a solution for any business customer with between 5 and 20 lines. SoHos and SMEs of all sizes will save up to 30% every month compared to purchasing each service separately. The new Maktabi Mobile plans are 4G capable and we now offer a wide choice of eleven different shared data bundles to choose from.”

Each Maktabi Mobile package contains a choice of 1GB to 100GB of inclusive shared data, and the option of choosing Ajel post-paid or Mousbak pre-paid services within the bundle in any combination they require.

Within the range of shared data plans from 1GB to 100GB we also offer Cost Control options to help those small businesses interested in preventing any out of bundle data usage and therefore maintain their bill at a known, flat monthly rate.

Prepaid options are also available with Maktabi Mobile; allowing business owners to provide Prepaid Mousbak services to their staff, thus reducing on-going business costs. Staff using Mousbak services within the Maktabi Mobile Bundle will always have free intracompany calls, but they will then pay for their own usage on top of that. With Maktabi Mobile all voice calls outside of the Business Group are charged at the normal rates.

Existing Maktabi Mobile customers will be migrated to the new service, and so will be able to choose from the new range of shared data bundles immediately. Business Customers with valid documentation can sign up for the new Maktabi Mobile plans at any one of 29 Nawras stores across the Sultanate, or by contacting their Account Manager.