AOC-MMD says the future of displays is Ultra High Definition

Thomas Schade, the Vice President for EMEA at MMD and AOC, speaks about their company’s participation at CES 2014.

Thomas Schade, Vice President EMEA, MMD Display Solutions.
Thomas Schade, Vice President EMEA, MMD Display Solutions.

Why did you participate at CES 2014? What was the theme for your participation?
CES is the largest tech show in the world. The theme of our products was best visual quality with UHD resolution and NVIDIA G-SYNC technology.

For how many years has AOC-MMD exhibited at CES Las Vegas?
We have been participating to the CES for well over 15 years.

Which new products or solutions did you launch at CES 2014?
We had the great opportunity to launch new G-Sync NVIDIA models and 4k Ultra HD displays.

What sort of opportunities did CES 2014 present AOC-MMD with?
We believe CES is a wonderful event that help connecting people cutting across continents to engage in serious business opportunities and enables them to explore the business potential.

Moreover, we are confident CES will serve us as a platform to expose us to a bigger audience and show case the latest display innovations we have this year. CES is much more than just visibility, we believe that it offers a great platform to connect with corporates, end-users, and even technology enthusiasts.

What sort of technology trends do you foresee for 2014?
There are plenty of trends we foresee for 2014, such as:

  1. High resolution displays (4k2k) in various sizes going to be available for the big public and after years of ‘resolution stand-off’ finally giving more choice to people who are now used to high ppi due to tablets and smartphones having high res on small screen.
  2. Larger screen sizes for improved viewing experience and productivity.
  3. Quality displays with wide viewing angle and better colors going to be mainstream.
  4. Gaming Monitors going to be a bigger and separately approached category with special demands and marketing specific for this audience.
  5. With mobile devices market taking over the desktop market, screens get more flexible connectivity (wireless with Miracast, cable with MHL and USB).
  6. Touch and Android compatible devices such as out Smart All-in-one monitors and Touch displays.
  7. Expansion not vertical areas such as Clinical, Education and Hospitality where monitors can be the best solution

When do you expect the products showcased at CES 2014 to be available in the Middle East?
The products will most probably be available by end of Q2.