Alcatel-Lucent and Injaz partner for educational development programs

Alcatel-Lucent accompanies Injaz Egypt and Injaz Al Maghrib in Morocco to support educational development programs in Egypt and in Morocco together. Injaz’ aim is to prepare middle schools, high schools and university students to enter the workforce as qualified and skilled employees, to empower their personal and professional capabilities and open their minds to their fullest potential, building confidence and creativity to enhance their knowledge and entrepreneurial spirit. The NGO encourages private sector participation and Corporate Citizenship involvement in educational development.

alcatel-lucent-and-injaz-partner-together-in-educational-development-programs-topAlcatel-Lucent employees participate, as corporate volunteers, with the support of Injaz organizations in Egypt and in Morocco, to different educational development programs: in Egypt with “Adopt a School” program and in Morocco with “Entrepreneurship Masterclass”program. Both organizations are members of Junior Achievement worldwide, the world’s largest and fastest growing organization specialized in economic education.

Alcatel-Lucent volunteers share their professional life experience and skills with the youth, giving them practical training on how to succeed in the work life. Through the various Injaz programs, students progress from learning work readiness and character building skills to acquiring financial literacy skills and entrepreneurial mind sets.

Upon completing the series of courses, students graduate with confidence in their capabilities, with a vision on how to plan their careers and with skills to succeed in the world of work. They also have a network of mentors with various professional backgrounds they can call on for help. Injaz programs also give those who have succeeded in the private sector a chance to give a helping hand to the next generation. This exciting experience to help inspire, lead and become a role model for students brings them in close touch with youth in their communities.

“The Foundation’s commitment to these projects is part of Alcatel-Lucent’s initiatives worldwide to address global challenges such as digital inclusion and sustainability. The focal point of the Foundation’s activity is centred around supporting educational programs for young people. This is further strengthened by the passion of Alcatel-Lucent employees for volunteering, investing their personal time and skills to help communities in which they live and work. During these programs, students will develop the attitude, behaviour, confidence and skills needed to take responsibility for building their own futures and to become successful and contributing members of society” said Bishalakhi Ghosh, Director of Alcatel-Lucent Foundation.

Alcatel-Lucent and Injaz Egypt concluded their third semester successfully in Abu Bakr El Seddik school, with trainings during one hour weekly, for five consecutive weeks. The two partners have been working together since early 2012 under the “Adopt a School”program, which works on four main pillars; 1- Giving students the skills to succeed with world class INJAZ curriculum and mentoring, 2- Planning extra activities for parents and work with them on the school upgrade committee, 3- Introducing teachers to modern teaching methods, 4- Creating a good environment for learning by upgrading school facilities. Alcatel-Lucent has been teaching successfully, with the efforts of its volunteering employees, two curriculums on “More than Money” and “Environment”, which have been added to preparatory grades.

“Alcatel-Lucent is thankful to its volunteering employees, who represent our driving force and bonding link to our communities. Alcatel-Lucent Foundation’s prime mission is to respond to today’s global challenge of digital inclusion and sustainability, focusing on providing innovative programs for underserved communities across the world that enable youth to access educational and life skills programs. We simply believe we can make a difference.” said Ashraf Yostos, Country Senior Officer for Alcatel-Lucent Egypt, Iraq and Jordan.

Mireille Nashaat, Programs Manager INJAZ Egypt said: “Every single minute given by the volunteer is a step forward to empowering and inspiring this next generation of young Egyptians who are the catalyst for change and soon are bound to be the driving force of Egypt’s future economy.”

Alcatel-Lucent and Injaz Al Maghrib in Morocco organized jointly on Saturday, 18 January 2014, their “Community Day” event in Laayoune secondary school, Salé-Rabat. With the participation of more than 20 employee volunteers and 480 pupils in 12 classes, and with the support of Injaz Morocco staff for the “Enterpreneurship Masterclass” program, the event was a tremendous success.

Eric Lacombe, newly appointed CSO of Alcatel-Lucent in Morocco said: “We are very happy and proud that we could take part of this amazing human experience with Laayoune secondary school and Injaz Al Maghrib. This project meets perfectly our Foundation and Corporate Social Responsibility objectives and I would like to seize the opportunity to thank our employees for their time and volunteering efforts – it was a very enriching and inspiring human experience. I truly believe that the volunteers are examples for the young generation, which is our future. With the support of Injaz Al Maghrib and the Alcatel-Lucent volunteers, certainly the youths will develop great interest in joining the corporate and business world. Personally, I will never forget this inspiring image of all these young people full of enthusiasm in Laayoune secondary school.”

Mhammed Abbad Andaloussi, Chairman & CEO of INJAZ Morocco: “We are delighted to count Alcatel-Lucent among our partners. We were amazed by the quality of its employee’s intervention in Laayoune secondary school, coaching 480 students with enthusiasm and happiness to initiate them into the business world. We are convinced that the volunteers will renew their commitment with us by delivering future programs. Many thanks to Alcatel-Lucent for its commitment towards youth.”

As members of Junior Achievement Worldwide and the Injaz Global network, Injaz organizations in Morocco and in Egypt support programs that efficiently link business principles to school curricula, bringing together students, teachers and members of the business community. They actively engage communities in inspiring and educating future generations.