Brother introduces new holographic security label

Brother Industries. Ltd., has introduced an innovative holographic security label replacing the current holographic security label that gives customers the ability to identify genuine Brother Consumables at the point of purchase – before they buy. The label is introduced for ink cartridges, toner cartridges and drum units for Brother Printers and All-in-Ones – the production started in September and all cartons will carry the new labels in the months to come while the current stocks are sold out in the market.

Brother labelAlong with the continued, aggressive legal action against counterfeiters, the new security label is critical to the Brother Group’s active approach to combating the availability of inferior counterfeit Brother Consumables.

Until now, there was no practical method for customers to distinguish between high-quality, genuine Brother Consumables and inferior, trademark-infringing counterfeits prior to their purchase. Consequently, some customers may have experienced poor product performance or outright product failure, likely caused by the counterfeit consumables they unwittingly bought.

In an effort to limit consumer exposure to low-quality counterfeit products, Brother has adopted a revolutionary holographic security label.

Each security label has two holograms that provide definitive visual authentication, and the online authentication system allows users to verify the authenticity of the product in hand by scanning a Data Matrix code with a smartphone or entering the unique product identification number at

The online authentication system features the additional functionality of empowering consumers to report suspicious or counterfeit products directly to Brother Group, resulting in quick action to eliminate counterfeit products from the market.

Brother is pleased to leverage this authentication technology to instill customers with confidence that they are purchasing high-quality, reliable, genuine Brother Consumables. Customers gain true peace of mind from immediate, on-site authentication, while Brother gains the ability to move swiftly to address suspected cases of counterfeit sales and distribution.