Gemalto shows off POPWings NFC business card solution

Gemalto, the world leader in digital security, is demonstrating the convenience of NFC-enabled solutions at Gitex Technology Week, including for the first time in the Middle East its POPWings mobile application, which incorporates mobile NFC (Near Field Communication) technology into an innovative new type of personalized business cards.

GemaltoNFCThe NFC powered POPWings card enables users to instantly share contact details with new friends and colleagues with a simple tap of the card on the back of an NFC-enabled mobile phone and is part of a growing wave of novel NFC use cases that bring intelligence and simplicity to people’s daily life.

POPWings’ users can go to a business meeting, exhibition or party and come home with their phone fully updated with not just names and numbers of people they met, but a rich array of the contact’s information including links to professional and social media profiles, websites and photos. The application also provides time, date and location to remind users of when and where they met. By going digital and harnessing the convenience of NFC interactions, networking and contact management becomes fast, convenient and seamless.

What’s more, as all the data is cloud based, should a POPWings user modify his information on the POP platform, all his contacts will automatically be accessing his revised details, offering smooth and automated updates and ensuring that end users never lose touch with friends, family or business associates.

“NFC and cloud-based applications are providing exciting new opportunities for swift and fun ways to interact and exchange information over mobile devices. POPWings is taking advantage of its growing availability to lift traditional business cards into the digital age, and gives an interactive and real-time dimension to forging far stronger relationships from the very first moment you meet a new friend or colleague,” commented Marc Gemeto, Business Innovation Director at Gemalto. “The solution is part of a growing trend in interactive mobile applications and is set to establish NFC as an integral part of everyday life, and pave the way for mass adoption of other NFC use cases”.

To learn more about Gemalto’s NFC-enabled innovations, get a personalized POPWings card created in minutes, and discover Gemalto’s end-to-end mobile wallet application and backend systems, come visit us at Software Hall 7, booth A7-35.