Mobility is the name of the game

Dikran Tchablakian, CEO, tecbuy, speaks to Channel Post MEA about the company’s plans for GITEX this year.

Dikran Tchablakian, CEO, tecbuy.
Dikran Tchablakian, CEO, tecbuy.

What sort of technology trends have you seen in the Middle East and African (MEA) market over the last few months?
The last few years have seen the emergence of technologies that are more people centric—innovations that aim at introducing the concept of a more accessible digital lifestyle. As such, technology trends that have emerged in the last few months are leaned towards digitization and its eventual entry into our lifestyle ecosystems, mobility and accessibility.

How has the regional ICT market grown over the past few years?
We are living in an age where we are now more akin to adopt a digital lifestyle. What makes it more exciting is that the constant emergence of new technologies and innovations allow for a continuing change and evolution of the digital landscape.

Take for example social networking, which has obviously changed the way we communicate with each other. Today, we no longer write nor type with ten fingers as simplification has allowed for the entry of voice based technology and typing with two fingers.

What sort of ICT products are in demand in the MEA region? Has there been a major shift in what consumers want in their ICT products?
Based on their growing popularity, the most in demand ICT products nowadays are tablets and smartphones. The most in demand technologies today are the ones that help introduce a key level of convenience for the user. Mobility is the name of the game and the key rule here is to offer something that users can use while on the go and also allows them key access to important information on an anytime, anywhere basis.

What do you plan to achieve through GITEX Technology Week and GITEX Shopper this year? Can you please share your plans?
Simply put, we plan to showcase products that offer the promise of mobility and accessibility. At the same time, the target we have placed on ourselves is to drive in increased sales across our lifestyle portfolio of products. We will be launching exciting new products at the show.

What is going to be your theme for this year’s show?
Our theme for this year will be ‘Inspiring lifestyle’. Though we do not have any plans for raffle draws, we have lots of surprises in store for this year’s show.