For Gigamon managing Big Data is a priority

Trevor Dearing, the Marketing Director for EMEA at Gigamon says there has been a growth in demand for security and monitoring products.


Trevor Dearing, Marketing Director - EMEA, Gigamon.
Trevor Dearing, Marketing Director – EMEA, Gigamon.

What sort technology trends have you seen in the Middle East and Africa market over the past few months?
The adoption of smart technology and devices has dramatically increased the volume and variety of data that is moving around the infrastructure forcing a massive drive to increase bandwidth and capacity.

How has the regional ICT market grown over the past few years?
The growth has been incredible. When I started working in the region only small pockets of ICT existed and no real observable trends, now that people have embraced technology the growth has been substantial.

What sort of ICT products are in demand in the MEA region? Has there been a major shift on the demands of ICT products?
The big shift for me has been the growth in demand for security and monitoring products. Recent events and the need for compliance have made the region focus on these areas where they mostly have not before.

Which technologies do you think are the most-wanted technologies in the MEA region for sectors such as enterprise, SMB and end consumers?
I would say smartphones and tablets followed closely by security.

What do you plan to achieve through GITEX Technology Week and GITEX? Can you please share your plans?
GITEX Technology Week is really important for companies like us who are in new sectors of the market. It allows us to meet with key decision makers and to inform the market on the areas we focus on.

What sort of channel strategies are you going to follow this year?
Our route to market is via Computerlinks in Dubai who are our key distributor for this region. We are working with Computerlinks to bring some of our partners together for some key engagements.