GFI Software cloud based email security for SMB's

John Spoor, Channel Sales Manager MEA, GFI Software

GFI Software announced the availablity of its cloud-based anti-malware and anti-spam email security solution, GFI MailEssentials Complete Online for SMBs throughout the Middle East region.

GFI MailEssentials Complete Online is designed to meet the evolving needs and increasing sophistication of SMB IT operations by providing access to email protection as a cloud-based service.

“SMBs demand choice and flexibility when strengthening their email security practices. SMBs are looking for cost-effective solutions but they also see great value in implementing redundant layers of protection and email continuity by deploying a cloud-based service in conjunction with their existing on-premise solutions. With GFI MailEssentials Complete Online we now offer a variety of email security delivery methods that meet the infrastructure requirements and budgets of small and medium businesses,” said John Spoor, Channel Sales Manager MEA, GFI Software.

The increasing volume of email-borne threats—coupled with an organization’s need to balance security and infrastructure costs—is a growing burden on SMB IT administrators looking to find the optimum and most cost-effective approach to email security. For vendors and IT resellers, flexibility is key to serving the SMB email security market.

GFI MailEssentials Complete Online enables SMBs to defend against a broad array of email-borne threats to help ensure the security and optimal performance of their IT infrastructure.