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Spectrami to offer data governance solutions

Anand Choudha, Managing Director, Spectrami

Spectrami today announced that it has signed a distribution agreement with Varonis Systems to offer unstructured data governance solutions in the Middle East region.

With the explosion of data today the need to manage and protect the unstructured data in felt more then ever. The number of documents, spreadsheets, presentations, media files and other business data sitting on file servers, NAS devices, and semi-structured repositories like SharePoint and Exchange is massive and growing fast. Data protection is necessary to safeguard not just the interests of an organisation but also secure intellectual property and competitive edge.

The Varonis Metadata Framework is designed to handle the ever-increasing volume and complexity for ongoing, scalable data protection and management, and enables secure, digital collaboration.

“We are glad to partner with Varonis and bring the unique unstructured data governance solutions to the region,” said, Anand Choudha, Managing Director, Spectrami. Spectrami will offer Varonis solutions, training, marketing and sales tools to its channel partners, in order to accelerate growth in this fast growing data governance market segment in our region”.

Varonis delivers its solutions exclusively through channel partners so treats them as an extension of its sales team. Spectrami will play a fundamental role in its go-to-market strategy for the Middle East region.

“Varonis is very pleased to have Spectrami as a distributor in the Middle East,” said Jim O’Boyle, senior vice president of sales at Varonis. “The Spectrami and Varonis partnership will give Middle East customers access to advanced data governance automation and metadata framework technology, enabling organizations to easily identify excessive permissions and abnormal access activity on their File Systems, NAS devices, SharePoint Sites and Exchange by showing who has access to data, who is using their access, who shouldn’t have access, who owns the data, and what data is sensitive.”



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