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Samsung launches Wave 3 smartphone in UAE

Samsung launches Wave 3 smartphone in UAE

Samsung Wave 3 Smartphone

Samsung announced the availability of its flagship Wave 3 smartphone in the UAE market. The new Samsung Wave 3 features the latest bada 2.0 operating system, 4-inch Super AMOLED display and a 1.4 GHz processor packaged in a sleek 9.9mm bushed metal case. Additionally, the advanced smartphone enables access to tens of thousands of localized applications through Samsung Apps, Samsung’s dedicated application store.

“The Wave 3 benefits from the power of the bada 2.0, as well as a newly expanded suite of Samsung applications and services. We believe the Wave 3 is a smartphone that will truly deliver Samsung’s commitment to the bada platform in the mobile industry and we hope customers in UAE will enjoy it and take full advantage of its many innovative features,” said Ashraf Fawakherji, General Manager of Telecommunications Group at Samsung Gulf Electronics.

The Wave 3 also includes ChatON, Samsung’s cross-platform communication service that connects all mobile users into a single community. With easy sign-in that requires no passwords or IDs, ChatON integrates directly with users’ contact information to enable spontaneous chatting in seconds; and enables sharing of content in multiple formats—images, video, voice, contacts, calendar—to make messaging simpler and faster than ever. ChatON’s Group Chat feature also allows users to communicate with multiple contacts at once—anytime, anywhere.

Building on the Wave series’ style heritage, the Samsung Wave 3 is a beautifully designed smartphone contained within a unique 9.9mm full metal casing. Stylishly constructed with anodized brushed aluminum, the slim yet solid unibody design supports users’ active, on-the-move lifestyles.

A newly enhanced Social Hub 2.0 service helps users stay on top of their busy, active social lives, integrating messaging, SNS and emails with phonebook and calendar information for instant social networking; and displaying all social interactions in a single portal. An integrated Store & Player, Music Hub offers a full music store experience with access to over 12 million tracks and ability to fully personalize users’ own music catalogues.

With the launch of the Wave 3, Samsung has introduced a range of exciting new 3D Game and LBS related apps that take full advantage of the updated bada 2.0 OS and new hardware features such as Wi-Fi Direct and voice recognition.



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