CommVault pumps up Kuwait Petroleum

Kuwait Petroleum Corporation (KPC) recently replaced its legacy Symantec NetBackup software with CommVault® Simpana 9 to meet ever-expanding business, compliance and data management requirements.

Kuwait Petroleum is involved in every aspect of the oil and gas industry, ranging from discovering new reservoirs to delivering fuel and providing essential petrochemical products. The company, which is fully owned by Kuwait, is experiencing rapid growth, which led to a need for centralised data management to improve RTO/RPO, increase operational efficiencies and respond faster to compliance requirements.

According to KPC, Simpana Backup and Recovery software delivers the performance, reliability and manageability to better protect critical data, which they expect will double within a year, while accommodating an ever-shrinking backup window.
KPC’s IT team also relies on Simpana Archive software to streamline management of 15,000 Microsoft Exchange mailboxes while reporting a 30 percent decrease in storage consumption.

With Simpana software, KPC now reports being able to safeguard vital applications, including Microsoft Exchange and Oracle ERP, along with an expanding VMware environment, and enabling data recoveries in minutes, not hours or days, as it took previously. According to KPC, any data loss could cost millions of dollars in revenue, which is why they have chosen CommVault technology to ensure business continuity.

Khaled Al-Faili, senior IT systems analyst, Kuwait Petroleum Corporation, said, “CommVault Simpana software suits our data management needs perfectly. As the only truly single platform solution, the software enabled us to consolidate multiple operations under one umbrella, which is extremely important. It’s like we dumped our clunky phone, fax machine and computer for a single, high-tech mobile device.”

“We expect to double our storage capacity in the near future and are totally confident that Simpana software will scale to meet our growth objectives while continuing to help us increase operational efficiencies.”

KPC takes advantage of CommVault’s embedded deduplication software to reduce its redundant data by 60 percent, KPC reports, which has helped lower storage consumption on its storage devices.

As per Kuwait Petroleum, Simpana software delivers data management improvements across the company’s entire data center comprising both physical and virtual servers. This is highly beneficial given the fact that KPC has virtualised nearly 70 percent of its environment.

The company also credits CommVault’s centralised, unified management platform with increasing operational efficiencies through simpler, faster daily backups and restores. Meanwhile, integrated reporting streamlines compliance audits in keeping with KPC’s evolving information governance requirements.

IT administration has been improved and according to KPC, productivity has been increased, since disk-based data backups, including individual emails, can be quickly and easily restored without requiring help-desk intervention.

Qais AlDoub, senior IT systems analyst, Kuwait Petroleum Corporation, said, “Prior to CommVault software, we faced a lot of difficulties managing our backups and restoring data was a nightmare, so we had a poor RPO and RTO window. Not any more, though, as Simpana software’s intuitive GUI makes backup and recovery as easy as a click of a button.”

“So many of the applications we protect with CommVault technology are crucial to day-to-day operations, and we could risk millions of dollars if we lost any of this data. Thankfully, we’re fully confident in Simpana software, so backing up and recovering data is worry free.”