UAE to restrict use of 2-pin power plugs

Emirates Authority for Standardization and Metrology (ESMA), the sole standardisation body in the UAE strengthens the implementation of a standardised model for all power plugs marketed in the country by restricting the entry of appliances and electrical equipment having 2-pin plug configurations in 2012.

This requirement is expected to reduce the usage of plug adaptors, which are potential fire hazards, especially when pins fit loosely in sockets causing sparking and other problems.

Eng. Mohammad Saleh Badri, Acting Director General, ESMA, said, “Manufacturers and traders need to adopt the UAE/BS 1363-5 standard for all home and office appliances sold in the UAE. UAE sockets are made to accept plugs, which meet very exact requirements. And if the plug is not UAE/BS 1363-5 compliant, the end-user has to resort to other ways of meeting those dimensions by using a pointed object to open the earth pin, and that is not safe.”

Badri further added, “We are also in discussions with UAE custom authorities to restrict the entry of appliances that do not comply with UAE standards upon the implementation of this regulation. ESMA will also monitor the market in coordination with federal and local government agencies.”

The UAE/BS 1363-5 model is based on a British Standard, which specifies the most common type of single-phase AC power plugs and sockets. Distinctive safety features of the system are shutters on the line and neutral socket holes, and a fuse in the plug.