Brocade to host ethernet fabric seminar in Dubai

Hassan Hamadani, Marketing and Business Development Manager for Emerging Markets, Brocade

Brocade is organising an seminar titled ‘Fabric 101: Essentials of Ethernet Fabric’. The event will take place in Dubai on the 22nd of November 2011, at the Address Hotel in Dubai Marina from 9:30 a.m. to 12:00 p.m.

The seminar will focus on the deployment of an Ethernet fabric-based infrastructure in their company’s data centre. Seminar will cover various topics like the market and technology factors driving the fabric evolution in the data centre, the inner workings and key components of an Ethernet fabric, the integration of Ethernet fabrics into the traditional Ethernet network. It will also highlight the Standards, terminology, and technologies including TRILL, convergence and Spanning tree.

Speaking about the event, Hassan Hamadani, Marketing and Business Development Manager for Emerging Markets at Brocade says, “A truly virtualised data center is the foundation for cloud-based architectures and IT models. Virtualised data centers require agile service delivery vehicles, including the ability to add network capacity with appropriate services on demand, and new levels of operational simplicity in infrastructure deployment, administration, and monitoring. The design of current network architectures have often prevented organizations from meeting the performance, availability, security, and mobility requirements of cloud computing.”

Brocade leads the industry in providing comprehensive network solutions that help the world’s leading organizations transition smoothly to a virtualised world where applications and information reside anywhere.

Brocade facilitates strategic business objectives such as consolidation, network convergence, virtualisation, and cloud computing. Today, Brocade solutions are used in over 90 percent of Global 1000 data centers as well as in enterprise LANs and the largest service provider networks.