StarLink links Prolexic for the region

StarLink signed a strategic alliance with the leaders in Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) protection services, Prolexic Technologies to represent Prolexic in the MENA region and provide an additional sales channel for the company’s monitoring and mitigation services.

A DDoS attack is an attempt to make a computer resource (i.e. web site, e-mail, voice, or a whole network) unavailable to its intended users. By overwhelming a web site and/or server with data and/or requests, the target system either responds so slowly as to be unusable or crashes completely. The data volumes required to do this are typically achieved by a network of remotely controlled Zombie or botnet [robot network] computers.

Prolexic is seeing an increase of DDoS activity and attacks in the MENA region. Prolexic tracks the sources of DDoS attacks and latest figures show that 7% of attacks originated from Turkey in the third quarter of 2011, the third highest country on the list behind China and India.

“DDoS is a global problem and Prolexic is providing a global solution. By partnering with StarLink, we can help more businesses in the Middle East and North Africa keep their Internet infrastructures available and protected in the event of an attack.” said Matt Payne, director of Sales at Prolexic Technologies.

Prolexic’s attack monitoring services, continually monitor Prolexic’s clients network perimeters and detect threats and anomalies. Customers are notified immediately when malicious botnet and/or DDoS traffic has been detected and potentially threatens their networks. In event of an attack, traffic is quickkly routed to Prolexic’s globally distributed scrubbing centers where malicious DDoS traffic is removed, thereby maintaining the web sites available throughout.

Nidal Othman, Sales and Marketing Manager at StarLink, said “The Middle East is not exempt from DDoS threats and other cyber-attacks. StarLink foresees the needs of its customers, and with the rise of DDoS attacks, it should be of major concern to any company which relies on an Internet presence for its business or for its reputation.”