Blue Coat releases new CacheFlow 5000 appliance

Blue Coat CacheFlow 5000

Blue Coat today announced the release of its next-generation CacheFlow 5000 appliance, which delivers a significant leap forward in performance and capacity — more than three times greater throughput and cache storage compared to the previous version — in the same compact, 4U footprint. The new CacheFlow appliance is available immediately and includes IPv6 support to address the advanced networking requirements of large service provider customers.

This dramatic performance improvement comes at a time when the increasing amount of rich Web 2.0 content, especially videos and large files, is severely straining service provider networks, making it challenging to both provide a top quality user experience and contain bandwidth costs.

This new release of the CacheFlow 5000 appliance adds a significant performance and capacity boost to the intelligent caching of the solution. The additional performance is derived from new 64-bit software and hardware improvements. The new CacheFlow appliance also adds an option for 10GigE Fiber, in addition to existing copper, to support high-speed network interfaces.

One of the key differentiators of the CacheFlow solution is the Blue Coat CachePulse cloud service which delivers on-the-fly caching rule and instruction updates to deployed CacheFlow appliances to provide sustained high bandwidth savings.

“The new CacheFlow 5000 appliance represents a tremendous leap in performance for Web content caching and can dramatically improve the service provider’s ability to keep up with the unrelenting demand for Web video while changing its economics,” said Steve Daheb, chief marketing officer and senior vice president, Blue Coat Systems.