LG Electronics introduces its new LED IPS monitors

LG IPS6 Monitor

LG Electronics introduced its new LED IPS monitors, the IPS1 and IPS6 series, that combine IPS and LED, two technologies in which LG is already an established leader. The IPS1 and IPS6 series boast exceptionally real colour, high uniformity of brightness and truly dazzling picture quality along with a wide viewing angle.

The new monitors’ advantages continue to stack up with their high energy efficiency, resulting in cuts in energy use of up to 27% compared with other models. In recognition of their efficiency, the IPS6 monitors have EnergyStar Certification.

Specifically designed for the office, the IPS1 series boasts an ergonomic design that makes it ideal for using at work. Its 110mm height-adjustable stand, which can pivot, tilt and swivel, enables users to adjust the direction of the monitor screen to their convenience. Also, with its built-in hidden speakers, the IPS1 takes up the minimum of space on office desks.