SEE Virtual Worlds and SEE Games combine

SEE Virtual Worlds and SEE Games, entertainment companies publishing digital and online games tied to licensed franchises announced they have teamed with major entertainment companies to license some of the world’s most popular intellectual properties. Among these properties are licenses tied to 2012 blockbuster film releases of “Men in Black 3,” “Total Recall (2012)” and “Asterix” along with the well-known films “War of the Worlds” (2005) and “Waterworld.”

“SEE will bring some of the most well-known entertainment properties to the gaming space through these major licensing agreements,” said Martin Biallas, CEO of SEE. “These properties are tied to memorable moments and incredible characters that players are going to interact with in future SEE-created digital and online interactive video games.”

SEE will continue its ongoing and successful partnerships with major entertainment industry companies, including Sony Pictures Entertainment, Paramount Digital Entertainment, Universal Partnerships & Licensing and Les Editions Albert René (LEAR) – securing SEE’s position as a one-stop shop for immersive entertainment.

The complete licensee lineup, listed below in alphabetical order, represent properties that have collectively grossed more than $1 billion at the global box office.

• Asterix – Europe’s ever-popular comic book hero Asterix the Gaul, and his loyal companion Obelix.
• Men in Black – The blockbuster sci-fi action/comedy film franchise that follows the adventures of Agent J and Agent K who investigate alien-   related phenomena and protect earth from the scum of the universe.
• Total Recall (2012) – A new, contemporized reimagining of the science fiction saga.
• War of the Worlds (2005) – Science-fiction film that features battle for the future of humankind after an alien invasion.
• Waterworld – Post-apocalyptic science-fiction film that features a man’s struggle to reconstruct human life after civilizations are lost under sea.