Canon reaffirms positive outlook in 2011

Anurag Agrawal, Canon Middle East

Canon Middle East, an imaging solutions vendor, has reaffirmed a positive growth outlook for the remainder of 2011. Building on Canon’s “closer to customers” strategy, the vendor recently held Regional Partner Communications Meetings in Jordan for partners in the Levant and Egypt, and in Morocco for partners in Maghreb countries.

The meetings aim to examine the impact of Canon’s regional strategy to enhance closer and stronger relations with partners, while discussing the company’s solid performance in the key growth areas of office and consumer products.

“In line with our closer to customers strategy we continue to strengthen our relations and communication channels with our partner network by regularly organising such strategic meetings,” says Anurag Agrawal, MD, Canon Middle East. “The underlining aim of these meetings is to identify the challenges faced by our partners in their respective markets and to assure them that informed decisions and the right measures will be taken to ensure the growth and progress of our mutual business operations.”

Canon organised the Partner Communications Meetings as part of its efforts to sustain the momentum of a highly successful year in 2010, wherein Canon Group grew its global sales by 15.5% and achieved a net income ofUS$3.044 billion.

To achieve its ambitious growth objectives, Canon has also revealed that it will focus on six strategic pillars: number one products; three regional headquarter management system; world production; global sales capability; environmentally advanced; and excellent global company culture.