Kaspersky increases its Scope in Levant

Tarek Kuzbari, MD, Kaspersky Lab Middle East

Kaspersky recently announced the appointment of Scope Information Systems (Scope), a leading systems integrator and technology solutions provider, as a value added distributor for its products in the Levant region.

Commenting on the partnership, Tarek Kuzbari, MD, Kaspersky Lab Middle East said, “Kaspersky Lab’s main aim for this year is to become one of the top three providers of IT security solutions in the global market, and this partnership comes in line with this vision and our commitment to developing a stronger security infrastructure for the end-users worldwide and in the Middle East region.”

The new move is expected increase Kaspersky Lab’s penetration in specially in most challenging markets in the region like Iraq, Syria and Palestine and spread its reach in rest of the Levant.

“Scope is dedicated to its partnership with Kaspersky Lab in our efforts to achieve the mutual goal of seeing an extended brand awareness and distribution of Kaspersky Labs products across the Levantines countries.”  said, Fadi Abu Ekab, CEO, Scope Information Systems. 

Scope will also support the development of Kaspersky Lab’s corporate business in the Levant countries and play a key role in developing small and medium businesses in the region through recruiting additional resellers from their existing channel partners.