Asus showcases 3D Blu-ray external writer

Asus BW-12D1S-U 3D Blu-ray external writer

ASUS showcased the 3D Blu-ray external writer which offers the fastest performance and comes with an award-winning stylish diamond-inspired design. The company just launched the new BW-12D1S-U, the world’s fastest external 3D Blu-ray writer that enables an easy transition from DVD, the fastest and most reliable Blu-ray burning performance, and a unique artistic approach to optical media.

All-new BW-12D1S-U Blu-ray external writer comes with burning speeds up to 12X via USB 3.0, Optical Tuning Strategy (OTS) technology for the best writing quality available and high definition 3D playback, the BW-12D1S-U further highlights the attention ASUS pays to design, arriving in a form inspired by diamond shapes. It also includes a unique blue power indicator for an artistic touch, and features a matching stand that allows for practical two-way horizontal and vertical placement to help users save space with increased versatility. 

Whereas, the audio performance for all Blu-ray content supports both Dolby® EX and 5.1-channel DTS-HD, offering high definition sound as part of modern home entertainment setups. Sound decoding ensures no degradation of original audio sources occurs, hence guaranting faithful reproduction and crisp sound in every application.