Go Green!!

Jean Pierre Labry, MD, R&M Middle East

R&M, the swiss cabling specialist keeping the well being of future generations in mind advises organizations to consider green suppliers when choosing IT vendors. With green suppliers, companies are assured that products and solutions are produced in a manner that reduces pollution and has lower environmental impact. 

Jean Pierre Labry, Managing Director, R&M Middle East and Africa, noted “Supporting environmental sustainability is becoming a necessity on any organization’s agenda today.  Therefore, companies should be actively selecting green suppliers to promote the well being of current and future generations and conservation of the Earth. 

With its own sustainable corporate philosophy, R&M equally incorporates economics, ecology, and social concerns in its business practices.  R&M takes its leadership role seriously and built its eco-friendly corporate headquarters, the Cube as a foremost example of a green facility with manufacturing capacity.

“As a driving force of innovation, R&M is proud to manufacture some of our over 5,500 copper and fiber cabling products and solutions in a green facility.  It is proof of our sustainability based corporate philosophy and consistent with R&M’s desire to encourage business practices which conserve the environment,” concluded Labry.

The Cube is one of the largest and most advanced low-exergy business complexes in Switzerland.  With a total area of 16,000 square meters, it can accommodate up to 400 employees and is designed to allow daily operational and manufacturing processes to run as efficiently as possible with minimal impact on the environment.  As a low-exergy building, the Cube operates without heating oil and natural gas as energy sources, reducing CO2 output by 90 percent versus conventional buildings.  In addition to manufacturing, it also houses R&M’s logistics center.