Business Software Alliance to run a anti-piracy campaign in Qatar

Jawad Al Redha, Business Software Alliance

Business Software Alliance recently conducted an intellectual property rights (IPR) seminar in Qatar in coordination with the Intellectual Property Protection Centre to commence this year’s anti-piracy campaign in Qatar. The event spread the message of the importance of curbing software piracy to protect the country’s status as one of the Middle East’s most IT-enabled states.

 Commenting on the seminar, Jawad Al Redha, BSA Chair, Gulf Region, said: “Education is one of the most potent tools in our fight against piracy. We fully appreciate Qatar’s Ministry of Justice helping to organize this seminar and addressing some of the key issues surrounding Qatar’s IPR landscape. It was an ideal platform for us to promote a balanced three-pronged approach to piracy, namely, education, awareness, and enforcement.”

“The World Bank, through its Knowledge Economy Index, recognizes the emergence of Qatar as one of the Middle East’s top IT-enabled countries. It is important that we prevent illegal activities such as software piracy from compromising the gains we have made through our progressive IT development agenda. We need initiatives such as this seminar, and partners such as the Business Software Alliance, to ensure positive progress in the fight against IPR crimes,” said Abdullah Ahmad Qayed, Director of IP Centre, Qatar Ministry of Justice.

During the session, the Business Software Alliance commended the Centre for its vital contributions to combating piracy and discussed ways to further enhance the partnership between the two groups. For its part, the Centre reaffirmed its full support for the BSA’s various local and regional member initiatives and for other agencies upholding IPR in the country. Both parties agreed on the need to generate more awareness on the negative social and economic effects of piracy among resellers and end-users.