SonicWALL’s Next Generation Firewalls accelerates HANCO's Business Performance

Bharat Singh Senwal of HANCO with Shahnawaz Sheikh of SonicWALL

HANCO (Al Tala’a International Transportation Co Limited), one of the major car rentals, leasing and fleet management companies in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (KSA) recently deployed SonicWALL’s Next Generation Firewall solutions in order to boost business performance, secure its network and increase network bandwidth. From its headquarters in Jeddah, the solution was deployed across HANCO’s extensive network connecting its four remote branch office locations together to ensure and secure critical data transfer at all times.

With a large fleet to manage and an increasing number of branch offices and workshops, HANCO was looking for a comprehensive and cost-effective solution to face increasing spam threats that congested its corporate network and reduced bandwidth utility which eventually led to lower levels of business productivity.

“We tested several known solutions but were not satisfied with the results. Given the explosive growth of the Internet, and its associated network threats, we decided to take preventative measure to bolster our network integrity. With SonicWALL, we could better capitalize on our legacy IT investment and increase our bandwidth utility and performance,” said Bharat Singh Senwal, Assistant General Manager – IT at HANCO.

The solution comprised SonicWALL’s Network Security Appliance (NSA) 4500, which was deployed at the Jeddah headquarters, NSA 2400 appliances rolled out at branch locations, and NSA 240 appliances at six additional workshop locations. HANCO deployed a SonicWALL Email Security Appliance (ESA) 500 to support 350 mailboxes across the organization. The full deployment was completed over the course of a month.

SonicWALL ESA 500 solution has virtually eliminated all spam and virus attacks, ensuring network throughput and security. “Post implementation of SonicWALL’s Next Generation Firewall solution with the Application Intelligence and Control functionality, our bandwidth has increased by 80 percent, resulting in higher productivity. The solution enabled us to control the use of peer-to-peer applications and access to non-business related websites, such as YouTube and Facebook. This has resulted in maximizing business-related applications with increased productivity,” added Senwal.

In order to strengthen its network security, HANCO is looking at ensuring the backup and recovery of mission-critical data by evaluating the deployment of a SonicWALL Continuous Data Protection (CDP) Site-to-Site Backup solution. “SonicWALL’s comprehensive network security solutions require no new hardware costs or interfaces to learn. It is the same top quality solutions that help businesses stay productive and safe, while saving them a lot of money,” concludes Shahnawaz Sheikh, SonicWALL Middle East and Africa (MEA) Regional Sales Manager.