Huawei launches Enterprise Business division

Huawei Enterprise, the IT arm of Huawei, the telecommunications solutions vendor, has launched the Enterprise Business unit to provide tailored end-to-end ICT enterprise based solutions to the region’s IT market. Announced at the inaugural Huawei Enterprise Solutions Road Show in Dubai, the Huawei Enterprise division will also focus on delivering end-to-end ICT solutions to the energy and power sector, transportation (aviation and rail), oil and gas, and “smart” cities industries, amongst others.

Dong Wu, GM for the Middle East for Huawei Enterprise, says, “We have successful global case studies and projects with key organisations and government customers in the Middle East region and we are dedicated to providing enterprises with the same level of customised end-to-end solutions which we have delivered to the world’s leading telecom providers. As a technology-driven company, we have the right level of innovation and expertise to offer discerning CIOs a high level of ROI (return on investment) from their technology investments.”

As part of the Huawei Enterprise Solutions Road Show program, Huawei Enterprise’s Road Show Truck is touring the Middle East from January to October this year visiting UAE, Saudi Arabia and Pakistan. The Huawei Enterprise demo truck showcases leading Enterprise technology demonstrations and innovative solutions that are applicable to the intelligent city. Huawei’s vision for an intelligent city, or e-city, is where “Efficient Government” combines with “Green Industry” to create a “Safe City” environment for a happy and connected society.

“The Enterprise Solutions Road Show is being used as a common platform to understand the key requirements and associated challenges in constructing an intelligent city. In parallel, Huawei will present our solutions and share our global experience with end users in an interactive environment,” commented Dongwu on the Enterprise Tour.

The tailor made tour showcases Huawei Enterprise latest technologies and solutions for the Telepresence System, eCity, Mobile Office and Data Centre. The mobile exhibition also exhibits green and efficient IT products which lower energy consumption by more than 30%, reduce CAPEX by more than 20% and improve operational efficiency by 30%. 

Attendees were also able to see hands on demonstrations of Huawei infrastructure solutions from data communications (including security and firewalls, switches, routers, VPN, voice and video communications solutions including high-end unified communications), to transmission to help with the integration of industrial automation in manufacturing plants.

As of June 30th, 2010, over 4 million Huawei S series Ethernet switches and 1 million routers have been shipped worldwide for use in government, telecommunications, finance, transportation, education, and the electric power and oil industries. All of Huawei’s enterprise offerings are supported with a full team of qualified engineers who provide training and certification to its select partners across the region, as well as service support through its offices across the Middle East.