Gemalto Launches New Multi-Application Reader

François Lasnier

Gemalto launched its new innovation PROX DUTM smart card reader for physical and logical access control. The dual-interface reader makes it convenient to securely access a host of applications using both contactless and contact technologies, with one single device. These include employee corporate badge, electronic identity and healthcare. The PROX DU is fully plug-n-play on Windows® OS in both contactless and contact modes, a feature unique to the Gemalto solution.

The PROX DU distinguishes itself with a sleek design, light weight, ergonomics and remarkable ease of use. Running on native Windows® OS drivers, it requires no additional software installation for the end user. For organizations, PROX DU is extremely easy to implement – by simply plugging the device into a USB port.

“As the leading provider of solutions that make everyday digital interactions secure and easy, Gemalto is committed to continued innovation in devices that make secure access extremely simple,” commented François Lasnier, Senior Vice President of Online Authentication at Gemalto. “Our PROX DU Reader has been refined with ergonomics and sleek design in mind, offering end-users and issuers across a wide range of market applications more versatility and a more intuitive way to adopt security technology.”

Enterprises can take advantage of the versatility to provide their personnel with secure access to premises, their information networks and company applications. The PROX DU is also suitable for retail and mass transit applications where speed is crucial, as well as for e-banking transactions and loyalty programs.