ESET launches Mobile security solutions

ESET released the Mobile security solutions specialy built for Smartphones and Pocket-PCs running Windows Mobile and Symbian operating systems, which it claims to deliver unparalleled data security and protection against emerging threats.

According to Gartner research company, in the first quarter of 2010, 27 millions of smartphones have been sold worldwide. More than half of those run Symbian or Windows Mobile OS.

“Smartphones are under threat as are PCs, there have been many reports of rogue applications that use social engineering to gain access into your phone. If the infiltration is successful, they send text messages or make calls to toll numbers. There have been reports of spying applications as well,” details threats to mobile devices Juraj Malcho, head of ESET’s Virus Lab. “With ESET Mobile Security, your money and privacy is protected,” he adds.

ESET Mobile Security Key Features:
Anti-Theft – Prevents unauthorized access to your data in case of device loss or theft.
Remote Wipe – Deletes all vulnerable data (contacts, messages and removable memory media) in case of emergency, using a simple SMS command.
SIM Matching – Allows specified SIM cards to receive notification in case of an unauthorized SIM insertion, including the card’s telephone number, IMSI and IMEI.
Password Protection – Safeguards mobile devices against unauthorized uninstall or modifications of security software
Security Audit – Tells the user in a convenient and easy way, what is the current security status of the device – whether there is a potential security risk.
SMS and MMS Antispam – Allows user to define trustworthy contacts via customizable black or whitelist or simply block unknown numbers.
Firewall – Monitors all incoming and outgoing communications based on custom rules.