McAfee claims DLP lead

Security solutions developer, McAfee, plans to include a common policy across all components of its data loss prevention (DLP) solution to include database crawling, easier workflow through the McAfee ePolicy Orchestrator platform and greatly improved support for Microsoft Active Directory.

Until now, the DLP customer has had to endure such challenges as large amounts of build-out time, cost and effort. McAfee Data Loss Prevention technology is said to change the game by delivering industry-leading data protection quickly and efficiently. Organizations now have a way to meet their data security needs without the huge expense of endless rounds of consulting and trial and error tuning.

“We found that because the system captures all of the data we can do more with McAfee Data Loss Prevention than other products on the market,” said Mark Moroses, Assistant CIO for Continuum Health Partners in New York.

“This is a unique capability and we use it extensively. The system doesn’t just present us with a static view of user rule violations; it allows us to go back in the past and look for patterns of behavior and abuse.  This capability has enhanced our ability to investigate incidents more thoroughly and in less time.  Our team can now rapidly access more information related to an incident and they can review the past activities of the user under investigation as well. The system gives us the peace of mind that we are not missing anything. This is essential because interrogating anything less than 100% of the information is unacceptable.”

Key selling differentiators are said to be ease of deployment – days instead of months, simple workflow management from a single console, tight integration between McAfee DLP and the rest of the McAfee data protection portfolio, and advanced data analytics that gives customers deep understanding about how their data is used allowing them to better anticipate problems that would otherwise go undiscovered.