Intel Ships Overclocking-Friendly K-Series Core CPUs

Intel on Friday announced that it will unveil the new processors at Computex next week, the Core i5-655K and the Core i7-875K, that are aimed directly to appeal to overclockers. The two processors are respectively identical to the Clarkdale-based Core i5-650 and the Lynnfield-based Core i7-870, with two key differences.

Intel's new Core i7 range of processors.

The first is that both new processors have unlocked multipliers, which will make it easier to adjust the CPUs’ performance beyond their base clock speeds (3.2 GHz for the dual-core Core i5-655K, 2.93 GHz for the quad-core Core i7-875K). The second is price: The Core i5-655K will list for $216, $40 more than the Core i5-650; and the Core i7-875K will list for $342—$220 less than the Core i7-870.

ExtremeTech tested both CPUs overclocking potential, and was able to take both CPUs past 4 GHz using just the stock cooler. System manufacturers are getting in on the game, too: The new version of the Falcon Northwest Talon, which is equipped with a liquid cooling system, pushes the Core i7-875K almost to 4.3 GHz.