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Cyberoam offers deeper integration with ConnectWise

Cyberoam offers deeper integration with ConnectWise


Cyberoam, a leading provider of network security appliances has announced deeper integration between Cyberoam Central Console (CCC) and ConnectWise, the developer of the leading service management software designed exclusively for IT service providers, VARs, ISVs and MSPs.

ConnectWise-integrationThe development is aimed at enabling accelerated process automation meeting business logic needs and simplified management of managed security services delivery. It allows automatic ticket generation and resolution for key security events right on the ConnectWise service board, helping MSSPs eliminate manual intervention to generate / resolve tickets and demonstrate timely responsiveness to meet SLAs with confidence.

Existing integration of Cyberoam network security appliances (UTM, NGFW) with ConnectWise – Cyberoam UTMs and Next Generation Firewalls already offer pre-built, out-of-the-box ConnectWise integration for bundled Security Reports with ConnectWise Management Summary Report.

This gives ConnectWise partners including MSPs, simpler and direct access to key Cyberoam reports such as Websites Usage, Blocked Web Attempts, Internet Bandwidth Usage and Attacks detection directly from the ConnectWise Management Summary interface.

“Many MSSPs including our partners rely on ConnectWise to automate business process,” said Abhilash Sonwane, Sr. Vice President, Product Management at Cyberoam. “We see a growing number of MSPs and MSSPs chasing emerging business opportunities in managing and securing customers’ network infrastructure. To seize such recurring revenue opportunities, automation and operational efficiency are among key strengths. With this augmented integration with ConnectWise, Cyberoam aims to enable enhanced business value, simplified management and more efficient delivery of managed security services for our partners & MSSPs who use Cyberoam Central Console (CCC) for centralized security management as well as ConnectWise.”

This enhanced integration allows the ConnectWise platform to leverage the Web Application Programming Interface (API) of Cyberoam Central Console (CCC). Moreover, by adding Flowgear between CCC and ConnectWise, the integration enables automatic Ticket Generation & Resolution for all CCC alerts right at the ConnectWise dashboard level.

Benefits of enhanced integration between Cyberoam and ConnectWise to MSSPs and Cyberoam Partners:

  1. Elimination of manual intervention to generate and resolve tickets with automatic Ticket Generation & Resolution for all CCC Alerts at the ConnectWise PSA service-board
  2. CCC alerts include:
    1. Threat-count for Web & IPS threats, Mail threats, Total Virus & Spam Mail counts and Unhealthy surfing hits
    2. Appliance management and status change notifications for Appliance Connectivity with CCC, Loss of Internet or VPN connectivity and HA failover state
    3. Reminders for Security Subscriptions renewal / expiry
    4. Capacity utilization notifications for CPU, Disk & Memory usage

Cyberoam sees Managed Security Service Providers (MSSPs) and Managed Service Providers (MSPs) as key partners and values their trust in Cyberoam’s network security appliances to serve their customers.

Cyberoam empowers MSSPs to:

  1. Secure customer networks with its Next Generation Firewalls (NGFWs) and UTMs, available as hardware and virtual appliances
  2. Create a portfolio of security service offerings and leverage various business models in managed security
  3. Centrally manage customer networks having Cyberoam security appliances with Cyberoam Central Console (CCC), available as hardware and virtual appliances
  4. Gain centralized visibility of customer network activities with Cyberoam iView that offers customer logs, 1200+ reports that help with security management, compliance management and forensic analysis
  5. Help display compliance with one-click reports on HIPAA, SOX, PCI DSS and more, thereby saving significant time spent in preparing for compliance audits
  6. Avail and offer excellent customer services with the help of Cyberoam Support Account Manager (SAM) for MSSPs and ISO 20000 certified Global Support Management Centre (GSMC) delivering faster resolution of issues

Through this deeper integration with ConnectWise, Cyberoam aims to extend the business value of Cyberoam network security appliances and managed security services offerings to its MSSP partners.



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